Birth Photography

Birth photography is quite possibly my favorite kind of photography. It encompasses everything I love most - family, emotion, newborns, real life moments - into one amazing documentary photo shoot. This is a day you will remember in more detail than possibly every other day of your life! But in spite of all that you remember, to have all of those little moments captured on film (or digitally, I suppose) is absolutely priceless. The support you receive from your spouse, the relief on your face when the baby has finally arrived, the way you gaze at her when she is finally in your arms, the joy your family shares when they meet your precious little one after all those months of waiting - what more do I need to say to convince you that you simply MUST hire a birth photographer! I would be honored and thrilled to capture this amazing part of your journey if you would allow it. Thank you so much for considering me for the very important job of documenting your child's birth!