Gorgeous Fall Family Session

The location this mama found for her family’s session was just perfect! We have had a lovely fall and it has made for some beautiful portraits. Can’t wait to photograph this family next year when they’ll have a baby in tow!

Family & Senior Portraits

This session was so fun! I was thrilled to take both family portraits and senior portraits in the same session. And what made it even better was the gorgeous location and fall colors! This family is fortunate to live near a beautiful lake and we took full advantage of that. It was the perfect evening!

Downtown Family Session

I love doing portraits in an urban setting. Every pose has a different feel and the session has so much variety. Downtown Tulsa has changed so much in the last ten years and it’s such a vibrant and fun atmosphere. This family was so fun to spend the evening with and I love so many of the images we ended up with!

A Documentary Session - Oklahoma Style

When the Scotts’ daughter approached me and asked about a documentary session I was thrilled! This couple is so sweet but they are also hard-working and take care of cattle as well as horses. It was neat to follow them around as they did their usual morning chores and then capture them on their horses. I took a few posed portraits of them as well, and as I did I thought how important it is to have great portraits of your parents. We are so faithful to document the lives of our children, but what about our parents and grandparents? (I’m putting this on my to-do list right now!)

Documentary and lifestyle sessions are for everyone! If you’ve been tempted to book a session like this, don’t wait! Capture this phase of your life — you won’t regret it!

First Fall Wedding

Weddings are special, and I just love shooting a wedding in an intimate venue like Vesica Piscis Chapel. This bride has such a large family and they were so much fun to be around during the day! But even better than the fun family was the sweetness between this bride and groom. They were so thrilled to be married, and it was obvious that although it was a gorgeous wedding, the marriage was so much more important to them than the big day.

Congratulations Evan & Maddie!

An Infant Baptism

The first time I met this family was a couple of years ago when I photographed their middle son's baptism. How sweet it was to photograph his new baby sister's baptism now! Every time I see this family, they are surrounded with family and friends, which is so special to see. This day was no different. Everyone joined together to celebrate baby V and her special moment!

A Summer Wedding

I was thrilled to shoot this wedding! This couple could not be more in love and it was such a special thing to be a part of their day. I had the privilege of taking their engagement photos last winter and if possible, they were even sweeter together on the day of their wedding. It's so wonderful to see two people who absolutely cherish each other make the ultimate commitment to one another and I wish Justin and Victoria the happiest life together!

A Sweet Fresh 48

As usual, I am behind on blogging my sessions. But I am thrilled to share this sweet Fresh 48 session with you! This family was so sweet. Big sister was so excited about her brand new baby brother. Of course, as usual, the baby decided he was starving when I got there, and at one point his big sister fell off the bed. So we can definitely say that it wasn't a boring session! But just look at this sweetie. He is well loved and I'm so grateful I had the chance to photograph him!