An Infant Baptism

The first time I met this family was a couple of years ago when I photographed their middle son's baptism. How sweet it was to photograph his new baby sister's baptism now! Every time I see this family, they are surrounded with family and friends, which is so special to see. This day was no different. Everyone joined together to celebrate baby V and her special moment!

A Summer Wedding

I was thrilled to shoot this wedding! This couple could not be more in love and it was such a special thing to be a part of their day. I had the privilege of taking their engagement photos last winter and if possible, they were even sweeter together on the day of their wedding. It's so wonderful to see two people who absolutely cherish each other make the ultimate commitment to one another and I wish Justin and Victoria the happiest life together!

A Sweet Fresh 48

As usual, I am behind on blogging my sessions. But I am thrilled to share this sweet Fresh 48 session with you! This family was so sweet. Big sister was so excited about her brand new baby brother. Of course, as usual, the baby decided he was starving when I got there, and at one point his big sister fell off the bed. So we can definitely say that it wasn't a boring session! But just look at this sweetie. He is well loved and I'm so grateful I had the chance to photograph him!

Mommy & Me

What could be cuter than a Mommy & Me session? I have captured a lot of memories for this family, from the day after this little girl was born. I can't believe she will be turning 3 this summer! We had a fun session in downtown Tulsa, and even though little Augustine doesn't smile a lot in front of the camera, she sure does love her mommy.

Downtown is one of my favorite places to shoot! If you want a lot of variety in your photos and a relaxed atmosphere, downtown is a great place to make it happen! And now excuse me while I go schedule a session with my own girls.

Grandma's 90th Birthday Party

Few people are as special as grandmothers. We honored my sweet grandma recently with a surprise birthday party. It was a big deal, because she turned 90 years old! It has been several years since we have all been together, so it was a really special time for our family and we had so much fun! 

Big events like these deserve to be photographed properly. I would hate to reach the end of a special day like this one and only have a handful of blurry cell phone photos to show for it. These photos will most likely be turned into books that are kept in many of our homes. And many of these photos will even hang on our walls for years to come -- reminders of that special day when we celebrated the best lady we know.

If a family member of yours is celebrating a big milestone birthday, give them a gift of those moments and memories captured forever! Trust me, it's a gift they'll LOVE and one they will treasure for years to come!

Oklahoma Teacher Walkout

It's no secret that I love documenting. But you might not know that besides being a photographer, I am also a teacher! I spent seven years in the classroom before staying home for seven years raising my little ones. But now that they are not so little anymore, I'm ready to head back to school to do something I know I'm meant to do. I can't wait to take my photography skills into the classroom to capture all sorts of happenings there!

This past February, amid all sorts of changes going on in my home, I decided it was time to teach again. It was a wild time to make a decision like that, because there was a lot of unrest in Oklahoma education at the time. The teacher walkout buzz was beginning and I couldn't wait to jump in and support my fellow educators.

Fast forward to April 2nd, when the walkout began. My mentor in teaching, Michelle, asked if I wanted to go to the Capitol with her and my answer was an instant "YES!" It was an amazing experience, and we went again a few days later. I wished we could have been there every day, but with little kids at home, that just wasn't possible. However, I am so glad I took my camera on one of those days because I was able to capture the spirit and message of so many teachers who were fighting for their schools and students.

A little progress was made, but there is still a looooong way to go. I plan to do my best to meet the needs of my students in the fall, even with the limited supplies and support that we will receive. And don't worry, I will still be taking clients and scheduling sessions as usual. After all, I'll be on a teacher salary -- I've gotta supplement it with something! 

Lifestyle & Documentary Session at the Zoo!

I LOVE sessions like this one! These are true memories captured! We often spend days with our families and snap a few phone photos but more often than not they leave something to be desired. These precious interactions beg to be photographed and remembered! And I know this mama (and dad and kids) will always be glad to have these photos documenting a day together at the zoo.

So often we get stuck in the idea that a photo session has to be perfectly posed and full of "tilt your head a little to the left, now smile!" But a documentary session can be so much more fun, a lot less stressful, and leave you with photos you'll always treasure! 

Make an effort to schedule a documentary session this year, whether it be during a special birthday celebration, at your favorite campsite this summer, a trip to your favorite snow cone stand, or whatever else you want to hold in your heart and remember forever!

Birthday Portraits

I love the idea of taking kids' portraits near their birthday. Annual portraits are a great way to mark those milestones and a lifestyle session like this one makes it so much more fun and takes the pressure off of your little ones. It's been a few months since I took these photos, but I always say "better late than never" and want to share them with you anyway!

I know that these days you have a camera with you everywhere you go and that more likely than not, you take lots of pictures of your kids. But don't forget to schedule a session every now and then with a photographer who can capture quality images of your children and preserve those special memories in a beautiful and artistic way. Believe me, in ten and twenty years you'll be so glad you did!