Santa Claus!

When I was in college I worked in a grocery store with a really nice guy named Kenneth. He was my favorite manager and we developed a friendship. During the Christmas season he moonlights as Santa Claus and he is really just the best Santa I have ever seen. He always told me that when I got married and had children he would love to come pay a visit to my kids dressed as Santa. Well, I have taken him up on that offer every year since my first child was born in 2010.

We have invited friends to be present during his visit a time or two and we always invite the cousins. But this year I decided to have him stick around for a couple of hours so I could shoot minis for a few families. It was a hit! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and captured some really sweet photos. I can't wait to expand on this idea next year!

Big thanks to everyone who came and participated this year and of course the biggest thanks go to Santa Claus. He has certainly made a believer out of my girls and makes our Christmas so fun every year. I hope some more of you can join us next year!