Baby S's Birth Day

It's no secret that birth photography is my favorite. It's such a beautiful experience and gives me a thrill every single time! The day baby S was born was no different. Her mama was strong and amazing and capturing her birth was such an honor!

When I first arrived at the hospital I met a first-time mom who had just had her epidural and a daddy who passed out while she got it! It was fun to hear the story being retold all day. He graciously accepted the teasing and I think he knows that this will be one of those stories that will be told even when he is an old, old man.

S's mama was surrounded with so much loving support. She had her mother and mother-in-law with her all day giving her foot rubs and stroking her hair in addition to her husband holding her hand. And as the day went on siblings arrived and offered sweet encouragement as well. I'm always amazed at the support that family can give on a big day like this and I know this mama was grateful for it.