Page, Arizona

This is Part 2 of my little blog series sharing landscapes and other photos from my vacation out west a few weeks ago. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

After stopping in Albuquerque, we got back in the car and finished the last leg of our journey, ending in Page, Arizona. I really liked the town of Page. It's a small town surrounded by beautiful landscape with plenty of fun local places to eat and lots of beautiful things to see. After checking in to our camp site, we had enough time to visit Horseshoe Bend before sunset and it was breathtaking! I wasn't quite prepared for the crowd, but we were able to find a spot to set up my tripod and get a few images of this stunning site. 

While waiting for sunset, we saw quite a few people taking selfies with the Bend in the background and many of them made me so nervous! They would step so closely to the edge of the cliff to get the best picture and just one misstep would have meant a fatal fall. Also, I have never seen so many selfie sticks in my life! But it sure was a beautiful site and a sunset worth waiting for.

The following day began with a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon. I have seen photos of Antelope Canyon for a long time and was so excited for this tour! They do offer photography tours with smaller groups and more time for photos, but I didn't want to drag my husband on the extra long tour, not to mention the extra cost. I think if I were to visit again, I would definitely go for the longer tour though. I wasn't allowed to bring a tripod and I was snapping frantically away as my group kept moving along and the group behind us kept pushing me forward.

Even without a tripod and extra time to shoot, I loved this place! It was more beautiful than I imagined it would be and I was thrilled to finally get to a bucket list item like this one. If you haven't been here, I hope you'll get a chance to visit someday!

Our final adventure during our stay in Page was actually just across the state border in Utah. We found a great trailhead called Wirepass. It was one of my favorite hikes of the whole trip! It was in the middle of nowhere and we didn't see a single soul the whole time we were out there. The trail followed a wash which made for some really beautiful and unique views during our hike. 

We loved our time in the Page area! If you ever get a chance to get out that way, be sure to check out some of these places! And don't forget your camera!