Bryce Canyon

We had a lovely visit to Bryce Canyon during our vacation. (Click here if you missed the photos from our first and second stop.) The first day was very rainy, so we didn't get to see much until early evening when the rain started clearing. But we still enjoyed the day. And I found some lovely cherry trees to photograph when we stopped for coffee in a cute little town called Tropic, Arizona. We did do some hiking into the canyon during the rain and I managed to snap a few photos once the sun emerged just before sunset. The fog added a mysteriousness to the photos.

The town of Bryce itself was not my favorite. I don't have any photos to show of the town, but my husband and I joked that it should be called Ruby instead of Bryce. It seems like about half of the businesses in the small town are named after Ruby - whoever she is or was. There is Ruby's Inn and Ruby's Campground and Ruby's Restaurant and Ruby's Gas Station and so on. And there were no familiar chains, so we were pretty much at the mercy of Ruby, which I found to be a disappointment. We did stay at Ruby's Campground in a big teepee, which sounded more fun when we thought the temperatures would be decent. As it was, we spent a very cold night in a damp teepee, but at least it gave us a story to tell!

Bryce Canyon itself was spectacular. There were so many viewpoints and depending on where you were and where the sun was, it looked so different from every angle. It is made up of multiple amphitheaters of hoodoos and is unlike anything else I've seen before. We woke up in time to see the sunrise from Sunset Point (ironically enough). It was well worth the missed sleep! And during our second day we hiked multiple trails in and through the canyon and explored as much of it as we could.

Before we left the Bryce Canyon area, we visited the little town of Panguitch, which I thought was the sweetest little town. It looked like something out of a movie! And just before we left I snapped this photo of the back side of the Canyon as the sun was getting low and just loved the way the sunlight bounced off the cliffs. 

I hope you'll get a chance to see Bryce Canyon someday! It's a great place for anyone to visit, whether you want to do some serious hiking, take a horseback tour, or just view it from the lookout points, it's well worth the trip!