The GRAND Finale

If you've been keeping up with our vacation stories, you know we recently visited Albuquerque, Page, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Coyote Buttes South. Our last stop before returning home to Tulsa was the North Rim of the Grand Cayon. And what a great way to end our trip!

The North Rim opens in mid-May and we were there the second day it was open. It was still very cold there during our visit and extremely windy! But we were very happy to be there and see the Grand Canyon for the first time ever. It was amazing!

I will say that the canyon was every bit as difficult to photograph as I knew it would be. It is just so vast that there is no way a photograph could capture enough of it to portray its size. Nevertheless, I did take a few photos, so without further delay, I'll share them now.

I'll start with these photos my husband took with his iPhone. Thank goodness for my husband and our selfie stick (which was so embarrassing to use, at first) and the panoramic shots he took. I'm so glad to have them! And a little proof that I was there too!

Here are the photos I took. They don't even almost do the Grand Canyon justice, but I still love them because they're mine! And first you'll see photos of the cutest little cabin we stayed in several miles outside of the park. 

So that's the end of my vacation photos! I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on our journey out west. I hope we'll get a chance to head that direction again before too long and I really enjoyed my first attempt at landscape photography!