Coyote Buttes South

Before our trip, I did some research to find out what places we should visit. I came across some information about The Wave and added it to my list right away. It's very difficult to get a permit to visit this restricted area. They give 20 permits a day. Ten are reserved in an online lottery three months in advance and the other ten are given during an in-person lottery one day ahead of time. Typically, during this season of the year, there are hundreds of applicants, so we knew our chances of getting a permit were very slim. As we expected, we did not get a permit to visit The Wave, also known as Coyote Buttes North, even with three separate attempts. But we were able to acquire a permit for the area just south of there and we were very excited for our chance to explore it.

I knew that the Coyote Buttes area was in the desert, but I expected mostly hard, dry ground with some sand on top. Instead, it was very deep sand that was difficult to walk in and filled our shoes! But there were some beautiful formations there and we didn't see anyone at all the entire day. It was a long difficult hike to get there, but I'm glad we had the chance to see it all!

Here are some photos my husband captures while we visited the Coyote Buttes South area.

And here are my photos from the "big camera." No panoramas here, but beautiful sites nonetheless! 

Be sure if you're ever in Northern Arizona you make an effort to visit this beautiful and restricted area! It's such an amazing experience and you'll be so glad you did it!