Birthday Portraits

I love the idea of taking kids' portraits near their birthday. Annual portraits are a great way to mark those milestones and a lifestyle session like this one makes it so much more fun and takes the pressure off of your little ones. It's been a few months since I took these photos, but I always say "better late than never" and want to share them with you anyway!

I know that these days you have a camera with you everywhere you go and that more likely than not, you take lots of pictures of your kids. But don't forget to schedule a session every now and then with a photographer who can capture quality images of your children and preserve those special memories in a beautiful and artistic way. Believe me, in ten and twenty years you'll be so glad you did!

Smash Cake Fun!

This little cutie is the sweetest thing! I had such a fun time taking pictures to celebrate her first birthday. She had never had sweets before and wasn't too sure about the cake. And she had quite a team of parents and grandmas cheering her on! Smash cake sessions are so fun, and this mama had the cutest decorations ready for this one!

Family Fun

I love this family! It has been so fun to watch little Augustine grow. I first photographed her the day after she was born and have since captured so many fun moments with her. I'm way behind on blogging these moments, though! So I'm going to take it all the way back to Easter and catch up. We had such a cute little shoot at the Gilcrease Museum Gardens this spring to celebrate Easter with this family!

We had a fun Father's Day shoot downtown this summer. I love the vibe in downtown Tulsa. It's such a fun place to be! This shoot was extra fun because it included the "big kids."

This next shoot was kind of a quick, whirlwind shoot, but I LOVE these images! I think I have found my new favorite spot. I can't WAIT to have my own family portraits done here! These photos were obviously taken to celebrate Independence Day.

Finally, I am finally getting around to sharing photos from Augustine's 2nd birthday party. I feel so honored to have been invited to capture the first two years of this little lady's life. And I can't wait to see how she grows and changes in the years to come! Happy 2nd birthday, Augustine!

First Birthday Party

It's no secret that lifestyle and documentary photography is my jam. I was so thrilled to photograph this sweet boy's first birthday party. His mama had obviously put a lot of thought and effort into putting it all together. There were so many friends and family members there and everyone really enjoyed the celebration! Since mama had hired a photographer, she didn't have to worry about taking photos of all the guests who were there or capturing those smash cake moments. She was able to chat with her friends and family, eat lunch, and attend to any hostessing needs while I did the documenting for her. It was a good reminder to me that perhaps I should follow suit and get help documenting some of our own family events!

Sweet 16

Oh to be young again, am I right? Last week I had the chance to crash this Sweet 16 party in order to take pictures and it was so fun! These girls were so cute and fun to photograph and I love all the images I got! I also realized that it has been a LONG time since I turned 16 and that I am no longer a spring chicken - haha! 

Augustine's First Birthday

Besides birth and lifestyle photography, I love to shoot parties and events! This first birthday party was so much fun to capture and was full of beautiful details. Augustine's mother thought of everything and the decorations were impeccable! The family was surrounded by many sweet friends and everyone enjoyed a really fun time of celebration. Augustine was not at all impressed by the cake and certainly didn't want to have that mess of chocolate and icing on her hands. But after opening a few presents, with help from her dog (and "big brother") Bow, she was over it. I'm so thankful I had the pleasure of preserving these memories for Augustine and her family!