This One's Close to My Heart

I always love family sessions, but this one was extra special for me because this is my brother and his family! My big brother is my only sibling and I have always loved having an older brother. It’s the best! What’s even better, his wife is one of my dearest friends. Oh, and his kids are awesome too! Basically, this is one of my favorite families and I couldn’t have been more excited to take their portraits this year! They lucked out and got the BEST autumn weekend we had in Tulsa and we braved the crowded insanity known as Woodward Park together. It was worth it!

Gorgeous Fall Family Session

The location this mama found for her family’s session was just perfect! We have had a lovely fall and it has made for some beautiful portraits. Can’t wait to photograph this family next year when they’ll have a baby in tow!

A Documentary Session - Oklahoma Style

When the Scotts’ daughter approached me and asked about a documentary session I was thrilled! This couple is so sweet but they are also hard-working and take care of cattle as well as horses. It was neat to follow them around as they did their usual morning chores and then capture them on their horses. I took a few posed portraits of them as well, and as I did I thought how important it is to have great portraits of your parents. We are so faithful to document the lives of our children, but what about our parents and grandparents? (I’m putting this on my to-do list right now!)

Documentary and lifestyle sessions are for everyone! If you’ve been tempted to book a session like this, don’t wait! Capture this phase of your life — you won’t regret it!

A Cold Engagement Shoot

I am so behind on sharing my latest sessions! This engagement session happened just after Christmas and it was COLD that day! I'm pretty sure it was around fifteen degrees with a wind chill making it feel closer to zero. But this couple came from out of town and we just made it happen. I'm so glad we did! They were so sweet and just so happy to finally be engaged and I'm thankful I get to be the one who captures these priceless memories!

First Family Session in AGES

This momma told me that they hadn't had proper family portraits since their 11-year-old was a BABY. I'm so glad she got her people all together for a session and she can't wait to get some of these on her walls! How long has it been since you had a family portrait session? If it's been a while, make it one of your goals for 2018!

Family Session at Guthrie Green

As I have said so many times this autumn, we have had the best weather this year! This family session fell on the most perfect day and these sweet kids were just so easy to photograph! And can we just talk about how adorable these children are? I can't handle it!

Family Session at Keystone

For my Tulsa area friends, if you haven't been to Keystone State Park, you're missing out! It is a gorgeous park with a beautiful lake. I was so excited when this family decided to have their session there. It ended up being a really dreary, cold, overcast day, but we had a great session anyway! 

And can we talk about the beautiful fall we have had this year? The weather has been perfect, the leaves have been vibrant, and we have been able to enjoy them for much longer than we usually do. I wish this autumn would never end!