Mommy & Me

What could be cuter than a Mommy & Me session? I have captured a lot of memories for this family, from the day after this little girl was born. I can't believe she will be turning 3 this summer! We had a fun session in downtown Tulsa, and even though little Augustine doesn't smile a lot in front of the camera, she sure does love her mommy.

Downtown is one of my favorite places to shoot! If you want a lot of variety in your photos and a relaxed atmosphere, downtown is a great place to make it happen! And now excuse me while I go schedule a session with my own girls.

Lifestyle & Documentary Session at the Zoo!

I LOVE sessions like this one! These are true memories captured! We often spend days with our families and snap a few phone photos but more often than not they leave something to be desired. These precious interactions beg to be photographed and remembered! And I know this mama (and dad and kids) will always be glad to have these photos documenting a day together at the zoo.

So often we get stuck in the idea that a photo session has to be perfectly posed and full of "tilt your head a little to the left, now smile!" But a documentary session can be so much more fun, a lot less stressful, and leave you with photos you'll always treasure! 

Make an effort to schedule a documentary session this year, whether it be during a special birthday celebration, at your favorite campsite this summer, a trip to your favorite snow cone stand, or whatever else you want to hold in your heart and remember forever!

Birthday Portraits

I love the idea of taking kids' portraits near their birthday. Annual portraits are a great way to mark those milestones and a lifestyle session like this one makes it so much more fun and takes the pressure off of your little ones. It's been a few months since I took these photos, but I always say "better late than never" and want to share them with you anyway!

I know that these days you have a camera with you everywhere you go and that more likely than not, you take lots of pictures of your kids. But don't forget to schedule a session every now and then with a photographer who can capture quality images of your children and preserve those special memories in a beautiful and artistic way. Believe me, in ten and twenty years you'll be so glad you did!

One Last Christmas Session

The holidays can be a busy time, but that doesn't mean you can't find a way to squeeze in your Christmas session! We did this lifestyle session a couple of days after Christmas and I wanted to share it with you!

Brand New Baby Boy

Just look at this little guy! Look at those eyes! Look at that hair! I was so thrilled when his mama asked me to come capture some of their earliest moments as a family of four. Fresh 48 Sessions rank way up there at the top of my list!

Sweet Family Session

I had such a great time with this family! It was an abnormally cold day, and so windy! Thankfully, we were able to stay in a wooded area that blocked the wind and allowed us to get some really wonderful images. This mama said they were way overdue for family portraits and I am so glad they decided it was time for some updated pictures together!


I may or may not be super behind on my blogging this fall. I have been so fortunate to have photographed a lot of wonderful families during the past month! So I plan to share quite a few of those over the next couple of weeks. Today I am sharing the Wilson family. We enjoyed almost perfect weather on the day of their session and their kids were just so sweet!