This One's Close to My Heart

I always love family sessions, but this one was extra special for me because this is my brother and his family! My big brother is my only sibling and I have always loved having an older brother. It’s the best! What’s even better, his wife is one of my dearest friends. Oh, and his kids are awesome too! Basically, this is one of my favorite families and I couldn’t have been more excited to take their portraits this year! They lucked out and got the BEST autumn weekend we had in Tulsa and we braved the crowded insanity known as Woodward Park together. It was worth it!

Family & Senior Portraits

This session was so fun! I was thrilled to take both family portraits and senior portraits in the same session. And what made it even better was the gorgeous location and fall colors! This family is fortunate to live near a beautiful lake and we took full advantage of that. It was the perfect evening!

Downtown Family Session

I love doing portraits in an urban setting. Every pose has a different feel and the session has so much variety. Downtown Tulsa has changed so much in the last ten years and it’s such a vibrant and fun atmosphere. This family was so fun to spend the evening with and I love so many of the images we ended up with!

Bre's Senior Portraits

I'm so happy to finally share these portraits with you! I was super excited for the chance to capture beautiful Breanna and so happy that she was up for a downtown session. There were so many cool places to capture this gorgeous lady!

Gal Pals

For Christmas last year I had no idea what to get my 15-year-old niece. No. Clue. Seriously... I don't even know what's "cool" anymore! So I offered to do a friends photo session. It took us forever to actually get it done. And then forever for me to share these images. But it was So. Much. Fun.

And seriously, these girls are gorgeous. And they all have the same shoes. And look at all that hair! And shorts these days are short, right? Haha! They were sweet and game for just about anything. So enjoy these fun images!

Teen Session in Centennial Park

I just love shooting a teen who loves to be photographed! Caylie was so easy to photograph and she was as sweet as can be. I loved the ideas she had about incorporating her pointe shoes and her pom uniform. The night we had this shoot, it was extremely hot outside, but her smile never faded. I hope I get a chance to photograph this pretty girl again!

Sweet 16

Oh to be young again, am I right? Last week I had the chance to crash this Sweet 16 party in order to take pictures and it was so fun! These girls were so cute and fun to photograph and I love all the images I got! I also realized that it has been a LONG time since I turned 16 and that I am no longer a spring chicken - haha!