First Fall Wedding

Weddings are special, and I just love shooting a wedding in an intimate venue like Vesica Piscis Chapel. This bride has such a large family and they were so much fun to be around during the day! But even better than the fun family was the sweetness between this bride and groom. They were so thrilled to be married, and it was obvious that although it was a gorgeous wedding, the marriage was so much more important to them than the big day.

Congratulations Evan & Maddie!

A Summer Wedding

I was thrilled to shoot this wedding! This couple could not be more in love and it was such a special thing to be a part of their day. I had the privilege of taking their engagement photos last winter and if possible, they were even sweeter together on the day of their wedding. It's so wonderful to see two people who absolutely cherish each other make the ultimate commitment to one another and I wish Justin and Victoria the happiest life together!

A Beautiful December Wedding

I have had so many requests to share more pictures from this wedding. So I figured it's time to put them up on the blog.

What a delight it was to capture this sweet couple's big day! I loved their Christmas wedding decorations and the greenery in the bouquets was just divine. Congratulations to Blaine and Anna. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

September Wedding

Earlier this month I was a "second shooter" for a wedding here in Tulsa. My father-in-law, Jerry, is an amazing wedding photographer, and a big part of how I got into photography. I always enjoy shooting with him and this wedding was no exception. When I "second shoot," I basically just follow the bride around and take documentary shots of her day, which I happen to love much more than taking posed group shots. I also get to take detail shots of the cake and decor. 

This wedding was beautiful and the bride was so relaxed and happy. It was such a special celebration and a very sweet day and I was so glad to be able to be there to help capture it!

A Very Happy Wedding Reception

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding reception for a very sweet couple! They were married very recently at the Grand Canyon (fancy!) and had a reception here to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. It was such a fun and light-spirited party with so many people attending to wish them well. It was so much fun to watch this bride and groom (or more accurately, this husband and wife) celebrate their new life together with the people the love and admire. They were so very happy with each other and the smiles never left their faces. The highlight of the afternoon was the sand ceremony and cake cutting as they laughed and giggled their way through the whole thing. They struggled with their glasses as they linked arms because of their height difference and the bride was just the cutest as she giggled while the groom ultimately got down on his knees to make it easier for them both to drink from their glasses. I think that will be a fun memory for them! Enjoy these photos of a wonderful celebration!


I don't really shoot weddings. Except for when I shoot weddings, haha. I am so glad I was able to shoot this couple's proposal and engagement last fall, so when they asked me to shoot their wedding, it was just too hard to say no. Not to mention the fact that the bride's parents are very close friends with my own parents. So I was thrilled to be there for their special day and capture the love that they have for each other! It was such a beautiful day and everyone was so happy and relaxed. It was just the way a wedding day should be.