First Birthday Party

It's no secret that lifestyle and documentary photography is my jam. I was so thrilled to photograph this sweet boy's first birthday party. His mama had obviously put a lot of thought and effort into putting it all together. There were so many friends and family members there and everyone really enjoyed the celebration! Since mama had hired a photographer, she didn't have to worry about taking photos of all the guests who were there or capturing those smash cake moments. She was able to chat with her friends and family, eat lunch, and attend to any hostessing needs while I did the documenting for her. It was a good reminder to me that perhaps I should follow suit and get help documenting some of our own family events!

Sweet 16

Oh to be young again, am I right? Last week I had the chance to crash this Sweet 16 party in order to take pictures and it was so fun! These girls were so cute and fun to photograph and I love all the images I got! I also realized that it has been a LONG time since I turned 16 and that I am no longer a spring chicken - haha! 

Augustine's First Birthday

Besides birth and lifestyle photography, I love to shoot parties and events! This first birthday party was so much fun to capture and was full of beautiful details. Augustine's mother thought of everything and the decorations were impeccable! The family was surrounded by many sweet friends and everyone enjoyed a really fun time of celebration. Augustine was not at all impressed by the cake and certainly didn't want to have that mess of chocolate and icing on her hands. But after opening a few presents, with help from her dog (and "big brother") Bow, she was over it. I'm so thankful I had the pleasure of preserving these memories for Augustine and her family!