A Cold Engagement Shoot

I am so behind on sharing my latest sessions! This engagement session happened just after Christmas and it was COLD that day! I'm pretty sure it was around fifteen degrees with a wind chill making it feel closer to zero. But this couple came from out of town and we just made it happen. I'm so glad we did! They were so sweet and just so happy to finally be engaged and I'm thankful I get to be the one who captures these priceless memories!

Just the Two of Us

Most couples have their photos taken just a few times in their lives - and all towards the beginning of their relationship. First you have engagement photos, then you have wedding photos, and then some couples have maternity photos done - but usually only when expecting their first child. After the first child is born, portrait sessions are always family sessions. And while family sessions are great, I think it's really important to have real portraits taken without the kids every once in a while! 

This week I was able to take pictures of this couple, who are closing in on ten years of marriage. They were so sweet together and I just love the way these images capture their love for each other! Tracy just happens to be one of my closest friends and is also great with a camera, so we did a double shoot - me taking pictures of her with her man followed by her photographing me and my hubs. (You'll probably notice similar poses - we were practicing our couples posing as well. I love having a photographer friend!) I am so excited to have some gorgeous portraits of just me and my guy to hang in our home. And when I look at them I feel so lucky to have a guy who loves me as much as he does.

So the moral of the story is - have photos taken with your significant other! You deserve to have updated photos on your walls!

Robert & Naomi

I had so much fun photographing this couple! I had the privilege of photographing the moment Robert proposed to Naomi, so shooting their engagement portraits was really special! They are so sweet and affectionate and I just love seeing how happy they are together. 

Also, I just have to mention Naomi's HAIR! It looked so beautiful and I loved the perfect little floral touches it had. Best wishes to this couple! I know they will have a beautiful life together.

Robert Proposes to Naomi

What a special honor it is when someone allows me to photograph the moment he proposes to the woman he loves! It was FREEZING outside but that didn't damper the mood one bit. I loved the spot he picked out with the pond in the background and I had so much fun hiding inside of a giant pine tree while I waited for the moment. I think Naomi will treasure these photos for a long time!

Proposal and Engagement Session

I have been looking forward to scheduling engagement sessions but this was more than I could have hoped for! I was honored to photograph the proposal as well! I loved planning the surprising moment with the groom-to-be and being there to capture that special moment when he asked his girlfriend to become his fiancée. It was just precious! This couple was so fun and easy to photograph and after such a great photo shoot I just can't wait to schedule another engagement session!